Art residency : MEDINA_3000 ︎

installation x Rue de Tanger art center, Casablanca, 2019

 Resume of La Palmeraie du Lavoir, Art residency, June-July 2019


MEDINA3000 immersive installation, 2019

USB sculptures mixing ceramics, steel, bamboo, rubber & 3D models
3,30 meters high

Low Res exhibition at Rue de Tanger, Casablanca, Morocco


يتخ KHTI / ايوخ KHOUYA
HUMANOÏDE_ To express a positive feeling relative to a connexion. i.e.: « ROUYA AUTOMOBILE & R’TI MADAME colshi la famille !»

FEELING ساسحإ :noun: origin_ALIVE MATTERS_Conscious more or less sharped, knowledges embracing affections & intuitions. Capability to appreciate. Ordering things or values. i.e.: « Both electronic fields were highly matching, recognization shapes processed harmony patterns into deep cores, automatically a feeling occurred : it was love.»